Picasso: A Rebel in Paris

Fifty years after his passing, we embark on a journey through Pablo Picasso's Paris, amidst sunshine and shadow, convictions and contradictions, from a young, impoverished foreigner to one of the most important icons of the 20th-century. The film moves continuously in and out of the Musée Picasso in Paris which has the largest existing collection dedicated to the painter with 6,000 masterpieces and 200,000 pieces of archive material, and follows Picasso through the Parisian neighborhoods where he lived, from the early days in ateliers with no heating to the large middle-class apartments where his success began: a physical and intellectual journey to gain a deeper understanding of his work and spirit.DocumentaryPT1H30M2024-08-10
Mina Kavani
Simona Risi
Picasso: A Rebel in Paris"Picasso: A Rebel in Paris"


August 10, 2:45 pm

August 11, 4:00 pm

August 12, 6:15 pm

Art House