The Muse Collective presents Once Upon a Tease

Step into a world where fantasy meets the stage in this spellbinding burlesque and variety show that weaves together the magic of fairytales and the allure of folklore. Immerse yourself in an evening of dazzling performances, captivating stories, and sultry surprises that will transport you to a realm where dreams and desires collide. It is sure to be an enchanting evening you won't forget! The Muse Collective crafts unforgettable cabarets that celebrate the essence of fun and diversity. Their performances are a unique blend of artistry and entertainment that embrace the power of self-expression through art, and encourage all to revel in their individuality. The Muse Collective community is a vibrant tapestry of talent and creativity built on the belief that burlesque, as with all performing arts, knows no limitations and is an art form for all. PT1H30M2023-11-30The Muse Collective presents Once Upon a Tease"The Muse Collective presents Once Upon a Tease"burlesque vaudeville


November 30, 9:30 pm