The Room w/ Greg Sestero Live

Oh hi, Mark! Join us for a special evening with Mark himself, Greg Sestero – star of THE ROOM and the New York Times best-selling author of the Oscar-nominated THE DISASTER ARTIST! The evening will include a special 20th-anniversary screening of THE ROOM featuring a live Q&A with Greg! You’ll find yourself saying “what a story Mark!” time and time again, as he’s not keeping any of his stupid comments in his pocket on this night. Plus a meet-and-greet with Greg after the show…and maybe even a bonus birthday surprise or two for the 20th anniversary?! The very first live event in Eugene! Don’t be chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep…gets your tickets before they’re here and gone like Claudette’s breast cancer.DramaPT1H31MR2024-04-25
Tommy Wiseau
Greg Sestero
Tommy Wiseau
The Room w/ Greg Sestero Live"The Room w/ Greg Sestero Live"


April 25, 7:30 pm